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My husband and I started Market 46 Bakery in the fall of 2017 and, for now, we specialize in small-batch granola in a variety of flavors.  Under the guidance of the Alabama Cottage Food Law, we really are 'home-baked'.  So, for us... it's not a catch phrase, it is honesty-in-advertising!  We bake it fresh week-in and week-out, constantly trying new flavors which are vigorously tested by our product development panel...our three adult children!

The name of the company is a tribute to my parents, high school sweethearts who were married in 1946, after my father’s return from World War II.  They were enduring examples of how to treat others and enjoy every moment.  I miss them every day.  Our growing family soon meant 6 children to raise – 5 of whom were girls!  Four sisters may have meant occasional drama, but it also meant four forever-friends and supporters.

For more than 70 years, four generations and countless family get-togethers, time spent together has been crazy at times

(and always loud), but nothing can beat it!   Family time together means lots of home cooking.  We all learned quickly how to contribute…sometimes using old family recipes and sometimes adding new ones. That has led each of us down our own path of making, giving, entertaining and EATING delicious food!  


For me, my path has led me to Market 46 Bakery and granola that is 'Half Healthy, All Good', and truly homemade – we are inviting you to join our traditions, our family, and our love of good food!!

Shop online, email me or find our granola in the following markets and local businesses:

  • Pepper Place Market, Downtown Birmingham, AL 

A year-round weekly market for farmers and makers

  • ALKMY, Mountain Brook, AL 

A beautiful boutique gift & home decor store​

  • Alabama Goods, Homewood, Alabama

A shop specializing in Alabama products​



Thank you for your interest in Market 46 Bakery and the people behind it.  We hope you enjoy every bite!

Elizabeth Roberts

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