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Habanero Lime Granola, 3 bags

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You won't believe how deliciously different this is. Imagine a wonderful strong lime flavor and then wait for it...wait for it...a fabulous kick of spicy habanero! You are going to have so much fun deciding your favorite way to enjoy this... Greek yogurt, ice cream (my favorite), on a salad, or maybe a little surprise as the crust of a key lime pie. Amazing!

Order extra... our granola stays fresh for 8-12 weeks. If it lasts that long!

This flavor isn't in our regular rotation at the moment. Therefore, we have a 3 bag minimum to assure freshness.

Ingredients: Oats, coconut, lime juice, sugar, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, coconut oil, sea salt, habanero powder, lime oil

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